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Belgian breweries ask their customers to stop making this gesture: “Today these costs have become too high”

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The Cristal-Alken brewery makes a very special request to its customers: to stop taking beer glasses away when they have finished drinking. “Glass is currently very expensive and there is a shortage, we have to be thrifty with our stock. You don’t want to have to drink a pint from the wrong glass because there are no more glasses, do you? »

And yes, sad reality, but the crisis even affects the glasses in which is poured this drink which the Belgians love, beer, as the Nieuwsblad relates.

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It sounds trivial, although it’s still theft, but it happens more often than you might think. “Big breweries like InBev need a million new lager glasses every year for their pubs,” says Dominique Fontenelle, sales manager at Ayano, the market leader in Belgium for printing beer glasses or soft drink.

“Because they break, are worn out but also because they are taken away by customers. At Haacht, this will represent half a million new glasses per year, which for a smaller brewery also represents a hundred thousand glasses. Normally, these are ordinary marketing costs; a glass gives your beer a certain image. But today, these costs have become too high. »

“Due to high energy costs, production is significantly more expensive. The price of glass has doubled,” explains Mr. Fontenelle. “A glass of lager now costs around one euro, for special stemmed glasses it’s two and even more if there are special decorations on it. There are also delays in orders, as factories here and there are closing some kilns because they are not profitable at the moment. Thus, it is sometimes necessary to wait months to obtain new glasses. »

“That’s why we now ask customers to leave the glasses in the cafe,” explains Sebastiaan De Meester, spokesperson for Alken-Maes.

In addition, it is above all the special glasses that are popular. But all the traders say it in unison: “Stop”!