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Beer over wine, venom? Scientists show that this saying is not true

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Grape or grain but never the twain“, “Bier op wijn, venijn“, “Bier auf Wein, das lass’ sein“, “Beer over wine, venom“… whatever the language in which it is expressed, this famous saying seems to be applied like a scientific truth when it comes to alcohol. But in the end, is it really the case? To avoid getting sick , is it better to avoid alcoholic mixtures or to consume them in a certain order?These German scientists have studied the question, experiment in support.

Have you ever deprived yourself of a lager refreshing offered after your glass of Spritz? In terms of popular beliefs, the instruction to avoid mixtures at all costs (especially if the alcohol content drops) is as tenacious as a hangover the day after a party. Researchers Jöran Kochling, Berit Geis, Stefan Wirth and Kai O Hensel of the University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany seriously investigated the issue in a study published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study

To verify if the claim is accurate, scientists set up a triple clinical trial control and randomizedwhich is the safest of the experimental methods requiring the presence of a control group and the distribution of patients between the groups by drawing lots.

Jöran Köchling and his colleagues therefore found themselves with 90 volunteers aged between 19 and 40 who were asked… to drink. The participants were divided into four groups. The study took place over two days more than a week apart.