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Becky Lynch injured in match at WWE SummerSlam

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During SummerSlam 2022, Becky Lynch left the ring on the side of the fans and some pictures had circulated on the net where you could see her holding her shoulder. It was until now impossible to know if she was really injured or not.

Today, Fightful provided an update by confirming that Becky Lynch suffered a dislocated shoulder during her match against Bianca Belair. Moreover, the Wrestling Observer also confirms this shoulder injury. An injury that reportedly occurred early in the game, but she was able to finish the game despite the pain. Currently, it is impossible to know for how long she will be absent from the competition since she is still under evaluation. The odds of surgery are currently 50/50 for Becky.

Becky Lynch showed up in the RAW ring on August 1 with a sling over her arm. Becky has indicated that she will be back even stronger one day. It is therefore confirmed that Becky Lynch will have to miss the competition for a certain period. The next few days will tell us more about the future of Becky Lynch. If the operation is necessary, we can definitely give up on his participation in Clash at the Castle which will be held not far from his native country.

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