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Be Prosumer denounces the solar panel package

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The non-profit association Be Prosumer, formerly known as Touche pas à mes certificates vertes, on Friday described as unacceptable the decision recently taken by certain energy suppliers, and particularly recently by Mega, to charge an additional flat rate to their customers with solar panels. .

In the eyes of Be Prosumer, such a decision is unacceptable and is contrary to Belgian and European regulations applicable to the electricity sector. “The decision taken by Mega demonstrates a total lack of transparency and precision in terms of the costs allegedly passed on to certain categories of prosumers”, she believes. For the association, the “solar panel package” of the Liège supplier has been determined in such a way “completely arbitrary”.

It is, moreover, contrary to the Belgian and European principle of non-discrimination, which provides that “suppliers are required to supply any residential customer on non-discriminatory terms”.

This without taking into account that the package also creates an unjustified difference in regime between the holders of panels with a “smart” meter and those who do not, notes the collective.