You are currently viewing Be careful if you have a Netflix account: “Some may be tricked…”, you could lose a lot of money (photos)

Be careful if you have a Netflix account: “Some may be tricked…”, you could lose a lot of money (photos)

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SMS scams are nothing new. For years, these have been multiplying and polluting our phones. And while some are crude, others are more realistic and can mislead the less careful. The latest is one of its kind since it uses Netflix codes. And as much to say that there are many people with an account on the famous streaming platform.

In this alarmist message, the recipient learns that his Netflix account will be suspended and that he must click on the attached link to reactivate it. Where the scammers manage to be deceitful is that the sender sometimes says “Netflix” outright. Obviously, needless to say that you absolutely must not click on these links since it is a scam. The streaming service rarely communicates by SMS, especially for questions relating to your account. If in doubt, it is better to go to your personal space directly on the official Netflix site.

Because if you fall into the trap of scammers, it can cost you dearly. Once on a pirate site, the user is often asked for personal information, bank details… Something not to do! Netflix had already paid for the attempted scam on its behalf, this time by email. The streaming giant reminds us: “We will never ask you to enter personal information in an e-mail or an SMS. This information may be the following: payment card numbers, bank details, Netflix passwords. We will never ask you to make a payment through a third-party provider or site.”

Regarding links: “If the SMS or email sends you to a URL address that you do not recognize, avoid pressing or clicking on the link. If you have already done so, do not enter any information on the website that opened.”