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Bank terminals will soon be replaced: it will be possible to scan your identity card

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Within 5 years, all payment terminals in stores will be replaced by screens that will allow you to scan your identity card. Merchants will then have access to personal data, which they can use to target you.

The 10,000 terminals in the country will be replaced within 5 years by new devices. They are made up of a screen that will allow you, when checking out, to scan your identity card.

The device will then offer an interaction, as shown by Sebastien Buysse, the founder of the company Freedelity: “We scan a product that is likely to offer a promotion. For example, a health product gives a day at the gym for an additional €1. The client can then choose whether or not to add it. I buy a television, I can have a guarantee, for a telephone, I can be offered a cheap subscription. And automatically, it comes back on the receipt, as if we had scanned a real product“, he describes to us.

Offering other products such as promotions or guarantees is of interest to merchants. For them, it will be easier thanks to the smart program that will detect your purchases: “In the good old days, when we talked about online or general communication, we sent the same message to everyone. Whether you are interested in a particular product, you receive the same message. The big advantage now is that by knowing who we are talking to, we can develop communication that is really targeted and that will really interest them.“, rejoices the communication manager of the Délitraiteur store.

The program will be able to better target you according to your profile indicated by the identity card: “What it is possible to do is to have the right message. That is to say that if we offer you a promotion that is more oriented for men, we will try to have the right message for men or for women.“, shows Sebastien Buysse.

What about personal data?

Will this system impact your data and your privacy? A priori, no more than a loyalty card. On the other hand, if you agree to scan your identity card on these new terminals, you will clearly be more targeted: “It is clear that large retailers are obviously also very interested in doing this. Look that so far, she made general paper promotions that she sent to mailboxes. This had a cost which was very significant (…) whereas now their goal is to advertise which is targeted to different users or consumers“, clarifies Pascal Francq, professor of computer science and specialist in new technologies.

This new system is a world first, it was designed by a company from Nivelles.