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Baggage at Ryanair: new supplements considered

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The airline has announced that it may soon crack down on travelers trying to pay less for luggage.

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SIf you’re used to piling on the layers of clothes when you fly Ryanair, the airline may soon ask you to pay an extra 17.5 euros. Faced with the popularity of videos sharing tips for paying less for luggage, the airline could tighten the screw.

In a video posted on Tiktok, the Irish company shared some of these tricks before announcing the price that will now have to be paid if you try to deceive the company. In legend, the company sets the tone: “We can and we will”.

“Cervical pillow: 5 euros. Triple layers: 17.5 euros. Cabin pillow: 24.99 euros. Emotional baggage: 0.00 euros,” jokes the airline on the video which has been viewed some 1.4 million times.

The announcement caused reactions from travellers, with some pleading with Ryanair not to change its policy. “Have mercy, I’m broke,” one person commented. To see if passengers will dare to try this kind of tricks from now on.