You are currently viewing Back The creators of 4 Blood have provided information on the second expansion, Children Of The Worm

Back The creators of 4 Blood have provided information on the second expansion, Children Of The Worm

Back 4 Blood, a cooperative zombie shooter, has released a new promotional image that teases information about Children of the Worm’s upcoming addition. Along with the release date of the next chapter of Back 4 Blood, additional information has emerged regarding a new campaign act, new cleaner, new weapons, enemy types, and other topics.

Turtle Rock Studios, a group with a long history with cooperative shooters and impacting many of today’s online games, created Back 4 Blood in 2021.

The critically acclaimed debut game Left 4 Dead and the asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve, which pits a group of survivors against a single player controlling a monster, are two of the Turtle Rock Studios » the most famous works.

The title of Back 4 Blood, which replaces “for” with “4”, alludes to the fact that It is the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. An AI game director changes the environment as a ragtag group of survivors fight against hordes of zombies or “Ridden” to keep players on their toes.

Players will engage in epic confrontations with a powerful new enemy threat in Children of the Worm’s new story campaign. Prophet Dan, a self-proclaimed preacher of the end times with a gun, will be added to the growing list of playable cleaners in the expansion to help fight this unnamed enemy.

Eight exclusive character skins, 12 distinctive weapon skins, new weapons, and accessories are all included in Children of the Worm.

The Children of the Worm DLC for Back 4 Blood will be available on August 30 and free for owners of the Deluxe or Ultimate editions of the game.

Additionally, the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass or a standalone expansion purchase will be possible. Players can expect to pay at least $15 for new content if the cost of the initial Back 4 Blood expansion indicates so.

To complete the play, it will also be essential to face a new danger in the form of armed individuals with terrible flea infestations.

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