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Axelle Red, anxious mother for her three grown-up daughters

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Seraphine Roger

Belgian singer Axelle Red spoke about her three daughters and her role as a mother in an interview.

In parallel with her career as a singer, Axelle Red has discreetly led her family life. Very modest about her private life, the Belgian singer-songwriter made an exception to the rule by talking at length about her three daughters. In an interview released on October 25 on the “Paris Match Belgium” website, the singer talks about her family life, her aspirations and her concerns for her daughters.

“I have the impression that as I am a woman and I have daughters, I have somehow paralyzed them with my committed artist side”, book Axelle Red, “We have always had a beautiful relationship but like all children, they once needed to kill the mother. And I understand them.”

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Axelle Red married her producer and manager Philip Vanes in 1998. The following year she gave birth to her first daughter: Janelle (23). In 2003, the couple welcomed Gloria then Billie, two years later. The 54-year-old artist returned to her anxieties as a mother: “As soon as something happens to them, I think it’s my fault, that it’s linked to my condition during pregnancy or my energy during education. I take it all on myself. And I shouldn’t, because there are a lot of factors at play.”

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“I find them very strong. I admire them”

Asked about the guilt she may feel as a mother, the interpreter of “Sensuality” answers frankly: “I sometimes have trouble reasoning with myself, especially when I see my daughters suffering from a lack of listening or of discernment. People sometimes tend to minimize their worries because they feel that my notoriety protects them. If they experience something positive, they have no merit… In short, it’s never good. I find them very strong. I admire them,” she concludes.

In May, on the occasion of the 70th birthday of her friend Renaud, with whom she had recorded The committed hymn “Manhattan-Kabul” in 2002, Axelle Red went back on stage to record the program “Happy Birthday Renaud”, broadcast on France 2