You are currently viewing Avalanche of new products for the 10th anniversary of Philips Hue

Avalanche of new products for the 10th anniversary of Philips Hue

An eventful anniversary for Philips, which is adding no less than five new colorful references to its catalog of connected lights.

Announced for the most part a few weeks ago, the new Philips Hue products (still designed by Signify) are advancing in the starting blocks. The opportunity to take stock of the new connected lights of the Dutch brand, which integrates lights to the back of its televisions.

Free standing, hanging: there’s something for everyone

In a press release, Philips takes up the menu of new products expected this summer.

First of all, there are the Signe Gradient table lamps, available since last month. Halfway between ambient lighting, bedside lamp and dawn simulator, it is available in a “floor” (€349.99) or “table” (€239.99) version to find its place more naturally on a pedestal table. New: the Signe Gradient is available in a new oak colour, able to integrate more harmoniously into certain interiors.

The Signe Gradient is available in floor or bedside version©Philips

To replace an old ceiling light, Hue recently launched the Xamento recessed spot. With one million colors and a brightness of 350 lumens, it is available individually (€79.99) or in a set of three (€219.99). Suitable for bathrooms, the Xamento is also available in size M, or even XL for €219.99 and €289.99 respectively.

Philips Hue Xamento
The Xamento ceiling light is IP44 certified and fits perfectly in damp rooms©Philips

Finally, the most ambitious product in the new Hue range takes the form of a modular rail where you can fit lights of different types. Perifo, that’s its name, is expected next September and will offer to illuminate both a wall and a ceiling. Here is the announced price of the different modules:

  • Rail (in black or white): €49.99
  • Connector (in black or white): €19.99
  • Power supply: €99.99
  • Lights: from €119.99

The Perifo can align up to 18 luminaires over a length of between 50 and 1.5 meters with a single power supply.

Philips Hue Perifo
The Perifo rail©Philips

One switch to control them all

As you equip your home with light bulbs and other connected objects, the most practical thing is to add a gateway or a hub to facilitate their commissioning and automation. This is precisely the mission of the Philips Hue Tap Dial Switch.

This connected switch works on battery and allows control of the brand’s bulbs in three separate rooms. To do this, simply press one of the four buttons and rotate the dial to choose the desired atmosphere.

Like other switches from the manufacturer, it can be used with a wall mount, placed on a magnetic surface or carried as a remote control. The Tap Dial Switch works with a CR2032 battery and is displayed at €49.99.

Philips HueGo
The Philips Hue Go is expected in September for € 149.99©Philips

In addition to these products, Philips is also planning the launch of its portable connected lamp Hue Go Portable, expected somewhere in September for 149.99€.