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Automotive crisis: the shortage of spare parts drives prices up

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The automotive crisis intensifies. After the long delivery times for new cars and the limited supply of used vehicles, Belgium is now experiencing a shortage of spare parts. This phenomenon is partly explained by a decrease in production during the health crisis, the war in Ukraine and by the switch to delivery by boat rather than by plane for parts from China, which considerably lengthens lead times.

In this context of long waits, the challenge for mechanics is to find emergency solutions in Flanders and France. Long-term solutions.

And as the principle of supply and demand dictates, when supply decreases, prices explode. “Recently we bought two rear lights for a low cost car in the vehicle range”explains a mechanic. “We ended up with a bill of almost €1,000 excluding VAT when these lights cost much less until a year or two ago. I pity the customers who have to have them repaired at their expense. It has become impossible today.”

Another cascading consequence is replacement cars that are used longer and start to run out.

The automobile federation specifies that it is impossible to know when this war will end. The puzzle may have only just begun.