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Audient ASP 800 chained to Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen


I need to increase the number of my inputs to record drums in a home studio,

I own a Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen,

In addition to adding inputs, I would like to go upmarket in terms of preamps,

The Audient ASP 800 corresponds to the quality/price profile that I am looking for,

I am not familiar with the principle of the ADAT but by looking at some forums and the manual of the ASP 800, I understood that it was possible to send the ADAT OUT from the ASP to the ADAT IN of the Scarlett.

So I would have the 8 preamps with the ASP conversion sent to the Scarlett then to my DAW if I understood correctly,

The ASP will be in master to synchronize the clock.

But I can’t answer some questions.

Is it possible to use the ASP conversion for the Scarlett preamps?!
I have the impression not, because the Scarlett does not send anything to the Audient via the ADAT? So I would have 2 different conversions?

Also, I read on GearSpace some testimonials about problems chaining Focusrite and Audient, concerning the wordclock with jitter problems, or absence of sound, no recognition of the Audient, etc..

Does anyone have any experience or advice to share on this?

Thank you in advance for your answers and valuable advice! 😀