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Audiences: the “Star Ac'” beaten by France 3, but…

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Saturday 9:10 p.m., the moment of truth for TF1. Nearly twenty years later, the first French channel revived one of its flagship programs: the star Academy. A return with fanfare since no less than 20,000 candidates applied to enter the famous castle of Dammarie-les-Lys.

They were 13, Saturday, to join the show, alongside 5 teachers, coaches and the director of the premises, Michaël Goldman, the son of Jean-Jacaques… Goldman.

Ten years after the last season (broadcast on NRJ12 in 2012), were viewers going to be there? Yes and no. Explanation.

TF1 did not climb to the top step of the podium on Saturday evening. The star Academy was beaten by France 3 which is definitely the black beast of the big machines of the private channel. Once again it’s Murder at – in this case in Nancy – which gathered the most people in front of the screen: 5.06 million people against 4.84 million for the Star Ac’. Nikos Aliagas and his apprentice singers are far from the 7.4 million viewers seduced during the launches of seasons 4 and 5. They even do less well than the worst start of the show: 5.4 million curious people during the launch of the first season in 2001 (the season broadcast in 2012 by NRJ12 except since it had gathered only 1.6 million people during the inaugural prime).

The times have changed

A failure ? Certainly not even if TF1 had to rely on the effect of curiosity and nostalgia to outdo its competitors. It’s because it has changed television quite a bit since the end of the star Academy 1.0. Today, competition on screens is incomparably greater. There are also, nowadays, fewer audiences watching so-called classic linear television.

TF1 still managed to maintain its average audience at 4.84 million until 11 p.m., which is not easy. Even better, it has reached the most promising targets, namely women in charge of purchases under 50 (the famous housewife under 50 of yesteryear!). The market share in this segment flirts with 50% (49.8% to be exact)! The channel does even better for 4-14 year olds with 51% market share, and for 15-34 year olds with 60% market share! In other words, TF1 attracts an audience that hasn’t necessarily experienced the Star Ac’original on the air, which is good news.

The icing on the cake, the third part of the show, broadcast after 11 p.m., did not see viewers desert massively. Quite the contrary. They were still on average 4.16 million to follow the return of candidates to the castle, or 33% market share.

With such figures, it is difficult to speak of a failure, even if France 3 has risen to the top step of the podium. It now remains to be seen whether this good performance of the Saturday premium will be maintained in the weeks to come. Another important element: it will be necessary to see the audience scores that the daily newspaper that accompanies the program will record because it is an important cog in the mechanics of the program.