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At Wired Next Fest, Antonella Santuccione Chadha raises awareness about gender medicine – Romandie-guide

Gender differences in medicine play a role: Men and women do not respond to treatment in the same way and do not always have the same symptoms, even when it comes to mental and brain disorders. He will talk about it at Wired Next Fest Antonella Santuccione Chadha, the neuroscientist and longtime researcher and broadcaster of the impact of gender differences in the treatment of mental illness and the fight against prejudice. Indeed, in 2016, he founded thenon-profit organisation Women’s Brain Project, of which she is executive director and is responsible for investigating how gender affects treatments used to treat mental disorders. Santuccione Chadha has also been fighting for years for the creation of a Global Center for Precision Gender Medicine.

Santuccione Chadha is Medical Director at Altoida Inc. and has dedicated his career to researching new immunotherapies for Alzheimer’s disease treatment. He collaborated with the laboratory of Roger Nitsch and Christoph Hock at the University of Zurich, to whom we owe the discoveryaducanumab, the first amyloid treatment for the disease. He is always at the forefront of research on the disease and can boast of collaborating with various organizations as well several universities and the Health and Food Safety Department European Commission. In addition, Santuccione Chadha is Vice President of Euresearchand we owe him several publications, including Sex and sex, differences in Alzheimer’s disease and The headless girlwho will become a TV series.

Santuccione Chadha will speak on gender medicine and mental disorders at the 2022 edition of the Wired Next Fest, which will take place from October 7 to 8 at the Fabbrica del Vapor in Milan.

The rewards

Inserted in 2018 between 100 female entrepreneurs in Switzerland and appointed in 2019 most influential woman of the country of the magazine business womanSantuccione Chadha has also been characterized by its commitment fight the pandemic in Italy. For this reason, he received the award in 2020 Medicine Italy. He also received the first prize from the Italian Embassy for his commitment to cooperation between Switzerland and Italy. The same year, he received the Global Sustainability Award for his contribution to precision medicine and was added to the list in 2021 women in innovation from the University of Basel.