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At the “Star Academy” the rules of the game change: “I think it’s a little unfair”

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The academicians of Dammarie-les-Lys had to say goodbye to two of them during the third bonus of the “Star Academy”, this Saturday. Indeed, Cenzo and Ahcène left the adventure. After a Sunday morning under the sign of rest, Michael Goldman, director of the academy, came to visit his students with some news that was not unanimous.

Next Tuesday’s assessments will not be conducted as usual. The principal announces to his students of the change: “I come with good news. There will be four nominated and there will be two eliminated on Saturday. But there will be no student votes“. With a new rule that adds to the table: “You will take assessments as a duo… You choose who you will pair up with, it’s not us“.

During these new evaluations, five duos will decide between three songs: “die tomorrow” by Natasha St-Pier and Pascal Obispo, “You are my other“by Maurane and Lara Fabian and finally”The river of our childhood” by Michel Sardou and Garou.

A new rule for a better

Michael Goldman explains the bright side of this new rule: “The idea, on a duo evaluation, is to take advantage of this magic of the duo which makes the qualities of one necessarily transpire on the other if the duo is successful and the weaknesses of some subside a little with the qualities of others… You have to think a little about strategies to carry each other“. On the other hand, if the students decide to present themselves as a duo, the entire duo will be eliminated from the competition.

The announcement is not to everyone’s taste within the castle. Leah let it be known: “I think it’s a little unfairte”, to which Michel Goldman replies: “These are the rules. It’s unfair but it can be a chance too if it’s done intelligently“.

For the dance, it will now be done in two parts as the director explains: “It will be two. There will be a synchronized game for two, and I believe a free game. You will see with Yanis Marshall tomorrow“.

See you on Tuesday to see if the students have succeeded… Or not.