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At the pump: Sharp drop in the price of diesel in Luxembourg

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After jumping at the start of the week, the price of diesel will drop several cents this Thursday at midnight. It goes back below the €1.80 per liter mark!

While members of the government will consider this Friday a possible extension of the aid of 7.5 centimes for petrol and diesel which could end at the end of August and not the end of July, fuel prices continue to fluctuate in a direction, as in the other at the pump.

No more than Monday, diesel had jumped 3.4 cents and now the Ministry of Energy announces that its price will fall again sharply overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. The diesel price will be displayed at 1,790€ at the pump. Be one drop of 7.2 cents. It is still displayed at €1.862 this Wednesday evening.

After losing nearly ten cents in a few days last week, the two unleaded fuels are once again very slightly more expensive. the SP98 take 0.2 cents (+0.3 cents on Monday) to display at 1,960€.

the SP95 take 1.5 cents (+0.8 cents Monday) is will cost this Thursday 1,747€.

Fuel oil low in sulfur (10 ppm) will experience a drop of 7.2 cents, a liter will cost €1.255 (compared to €1.327 currently). A liter of low sulfur fuel oil (50 ppm) will cost €1.263 compared to €1.335 currently (-7.2 cents).

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