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As revolutionary as the Internet? Here’s what Tim Cook says about his augmented reality headset

Tim Cook spoke in very glowing terms about the impact that augmented reality technologies will have. For him, we will soon no longer remember how we lived before the advent of augmented reality.

Tim Cook in a field near Apple Park // Source: Apple

Augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse… beyond buzz words, these expressions hide a desire for the tech giants to find the next big underlying trend. Meta, as we know, has put all its eggs in the metaverse, PlayStation, with its PS VR2, seems more and more committed to virtual reality… On the side of Apple, there is whispering a desire to launch a helmet useful to both augmented reality and virtual reality.

A recent statement from Tim Cook spotted by Mac Rumors gives us a glimpse of the importance that the brand gives to the apple on this subject. Invited by a Neapolitan university, the CEO spoke about the subject.

A “deep” impact

When asked by a female student about the upcoming technology that excites her the most, the CEO at first kicked a bit when talking about artificial intelligence, calling it a “fundamental and horizontal technology that will touch all aspects of our lives”. Certainly.

Then, off the air, Tim Cook apparently continued to answer the question, cheerfully citing augmented reality. He considers that its impact will be as profound as the Internet, no less, so much so that people will wonder how they ever lived before.

Here is his full statement as transcribed by Mac Rumors :

I am very excited about augmented reality. Because I think we had a great conversation here today, but if we could augment it with something from the virtual world, that would have been even better. So I think if you, and this will clearly happen in a short time, if you look back at some point, you know, if you zoom out into the future and look back, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived your life without augmented reality. Just like today, we wonder how people like me grew up without the internet. And so, I think it could be that deep, and it’s not going to be deep overnight…

Impossible with these words not to think that the CEO is talking in part about Apple’s headphones, which have been talked about for many years. As a reminder, it should be called Reality One or Reality Pro and run under a brand new OS, RealityOS.

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