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Apple unveils the new all-terrain Apple Watch Ultra – Benin News

PARIS, Sept. 7 (Benin News / EP) –

Apple updated its smartwatch lineup with the new Apple Watch Series 8, which introduces a new temperature sensor for better menstrual cycle tracking, and unveiled the versatile new Apple Watch Ultra.

The company has unveiled “the best Apple Watch line to date”, the Apple Watch Series 8, which, in addition to increasing its durability against water, dust and shocks that can crack the screen, has also introduces innovations in health, safety and connectivity.

Apple Watch Series 8 introduces a new temperature sensor that improves menstrual cycle tracking by enabling a new metric, Biphasic Shift, which can calculate when ovulation is about to occur based on changes in temperature. temperature caused by hormones.

This new measurement, along with temperature and heart rate, offers a broader view of the menstrual cycle, as the company points out.

In terms of safety, the Apple Watch introduces “collision detection”, i.e. the detection of car accidents. When this happens, it determines the user’s location and notifies contacts or calls emergency services. And to keep the battery going for long days, Apple has introduced a battery saver mode, which offers up to 36 hours on a single charge.

The Apple Watch will also feature international roaming. Apple said the service will be available to more than 30 carriers worldwide by the end of the year.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is available to pre-order from Wednesday, and goes on sale September 16 from £499.

Alongside the Series 8, the new Apple Watch SE (from 299 euros) was also unveiled, with a redesigned rear case, made with a new process that reduces the carbon footprint. Among the new health functions, such as the detection of heartbeat irregularities, it incorporates SiP 8 which improves speed by 20% and a screen 30% larger than that of the Series 3.

The newcomer to this product line is the Apple Watch Ultra, a device designed for outdoor use, for extreme sports. As well as offering a more robust casing, it has the biggest and brightest screen the company’s ever designed for a watch.

This device is also controlled by the digital crown and a protruding button, and incorporates an advanced audio system, with three microphones and software that guarantees clear calls even in strong winds.

Apple Watch Ultra features mobile connectivity, GPS (L1+L5) and a battery that offers 36 hours of battery life on a single charge, but can be extended to 60 hours with a new optimization planned later in the year. It will be available on September 23 at a price of 999 euros.

This watch features a new dive app, Oceanic+, which includes a dive planner and data on water temperature, tides and pressure. It is controlled by simple gestures for easy underwater use, and includes safety stop indications when the course is complete.