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Apple TV+ is hot this summer


by David

Since the beginning of summer, AppleTV+ attracts more and more people around the world and is gaining subscribers.

Apple is trying to launch a carefully crafted strategy to carve out a place among the giants of the SVOD what are netflix, Prime Video and Disney+.

According to the words of Reelgood, a platform analysis service, Apple+ has gained subscribers and is rolling its bump in the field of SVOD. The results show that the subscriber engagement rate is 40% higher than the same period of 2021.

The American firm grew by 20%. To achieve this, the Tim Cook giant has enriched the catalog available on Apple+. There are original programs, made by screenwriters known in the business.

Recall that Netflix’s quarterly results indicate that the streaming platform has lost nearly a million subscribers in the past three months. Apple is taking advantage of the fall of the SVOD giant to find a place in this sector.

When we know that subscribers change platforms quite often, we wonder if Apple will succeed in retaining subscribers who have been seduced recently. But with the current situation in the sector, Apple has every chance of attracting even more subscribers.