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Apple sees the potential of the metaverse and is still figuring out how to get into it – Media Patrollers

Apple CEO, Tim Cookrecently hinted that the tech maker is not yet focused on developing the metaverse because there is still a general misunderstanding of this term, and he reminded that it remains attached to augmented reality (AR) experiences.

The CEO of the company announced that the company believes that the AR is the greatest technological promise for the future and clarified what the plans for Apple short term.

“Applications AR are now on the App Store (the brand’s app store), but the possibilities are going to go much, much further,” he commented in an interview with Bright and published by RTL New.

Cook said he thinks augmented reality technology is “profound” and will “affect everything”. In doing so, he suggested that users will soon be able to will remember life without AR as they conceive of life without internet today, or even smartphones.

It should be recalled in this regard that Apple plans to announce its first mixed reality glasses soon, combining AR and virtual reality (VR). According to brand analysts, its launch is scheduled for January 2023 “at the earliest”, according to research by Ming Chi-Kuo..

Although the manufacturer of iPhone withdrew its commitment to devices and services offering AR, hinted that it did not share the same interest in AR as other companies, such as Meta. metaverse.

“I always think it’s important for people to understand what a thing is. I’m not sure a normal person can tell what the metaverse is.“, he told this publication.

These statements contrast with those he made at the end of last January, when he said Cook said he sees “a lot of potential” in the metaverse. and that Apple was “investing accordingly”.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that although experiences based on virtual reality (VR) technologyí are better defined, he does not think it is an effective alternative.. “It’s something you can dive into, but I don’t think people want to live their whole lives that way,” he said.

He also pointed out that he believes that “virtual reality is for fixed periods” and that he does not consider it “a means of communicating well”, even if he is not against its use in certain cases.

In addition, the CEO of Apple stressed the importance for young people and students to have knowledge of computer programming and made the following comment. it’s the “one universal language” because it can be used to harness creativity and in other aspects of life..

Finally, he recalled that that climate change remains one of the main challenges for developers and technologies and that the company intends to contribute to a more sustainable way of life. “thanks to the use of 100% renewable energy”.