You are currently viewing Apple presents its new connected watches including the Apple Watch Ultra dedicated to athletes and at an astronomical price – Newsmonkey

Apple presents its new connected watches including the Apple Watch Ultra dedicated to athletes and at an astronomical price – Newsmonkey

The Cupertino company has unveiled the new versions of its connected watches, the Apple Watch Series 8 and the upgrade of its affordable model, the Apple Watch SE. But above all, Apple has formalized a brand new model; Apple Watch Ultra.

At the heart of the Apple Campus, Tim Cook announced the color; three new products will be presented during the Far Out keynote, starting with the Apple Watch Series 8. A range of products which is enriched since it is not 1 nor 2 model presented by the Cupertino company, but 3. It’s official, Apple is entering the connected watch market for high-level athletes.

Apple Watch Series 8

  • Temperature tracking : The new connected watch from Apple has a new sensor to monitor its temperature. With this new feature, the Cupertino company is mainly aimed at women since it allows you to follow your female menstrual cycle and therefore your ovulation period.
    • The watch will measure the temperature of its wearers every 5 seconds, in order to have an overview of the variations throughout the day. A feature that can be useful for detecting a disease.
  • Crash Detection : as announced by the rumor, the new connected watch from Apple benefits from a car crash detector, thanks to its gyroscope and its new accelerometer. The watch is able to detect 4 types of crashes and contact the emergency services.
  • Low Power Mode : the Apple Watch Series 8 benefits from a energy saving mode which can extend the battery of the watch up to 36 hours. A mode that is not exclusive to the new model since all the manufacturer’s connected watches compatible with watch OS 9 – the new operating system of the Apple Watch – will be able to benefit from it.

Obviously, this new smartwatch is an opportunity for Apple to launch new colors. Aficionados of the firm at the apple will be able to find what they are looking for among a wider choice of watches.

Available from September 16, the Apple Watch Series 8 will be priced at 499 €.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple firm is renewing its affordable connected watch model, with the Apple Watch SE 2022. The latter gains 30% in performance, as well as a 30% larger screen. It will obviously benefit from crash detection, but ignores temperature monitoring – economy requires. The Family Setup function is included. The latter allows parents to configure the watch of their offspring from their smartphone.

The Apple Watch SE 2022 is now available for pre-order at the price of 299 but you will have to wait until September 16 to get your hands on it.

Apple Watch Ultra

But the real star of the conference is undoubtedly the Apple Watch Ultra, the new connected watch model from the Cupertino company. As rumor had it, the tech giant is targeting top athletes with this watch. It benefits from many improvements compared to its two little sisters.

The Apple Watch Ultra is indeed more resistant from all points of view. First, its battery. The Cupertino company ensures that it can hold up to 36 hours and up to 60 hours in energy saving mode. Its titanium case is protected by a sapphire crystal to last longer. The bracelets offered diverge strongly from what Apple has accustomed us to, in particular a “tubular” design, in order to better fit the wrist.

We also note the presence of a button on the edge of the case which can be configured as desired. The Apple Watch Ultra benefits from a second speaker which will undoubtedly allow it to make phone calls in good conditions.

“The Apple Watch designed specifically for expedition and endurance” is an ally for intensive sports sessions. This is why it integrates the L5 GPS, enough to offer an even more precise location. The Compass app has also been improved, in order to integrate points of interest and find your way around live. Thanks to the low-power mode, the user can run a marathon without worrying about the battery of his watch.

Finally, certified WR100 and EN 13319, the watch can withstand up to 30 meters under water.

A hyper-equipped watch that necessarily has a price… And as you might expect, Apple exceeds everything that has been done so far since the Apple Watch Ultra is displayed at 999€. It will be available on September 23.

Apple has also lifted the veil on the new generation of AirPods Pro. Better quality and improved battery life are on the agenda.