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Apple: mixed reality projects are becoming clearer

Apple’s mysterious mixed reality headset is still long overdue, but in recent days, the Apple brand has unwittingly revealed some interesting clues.

An Apple Reality ecosystem

After the discovery of the mention “realityOS” in open-source code published by Apple, and the filing of the trademark “realityOS” last May, three new names have recently been discovered. Which gives us a nice overview of the ambitions of the Cupertino company.

Indeed, the trademarks “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor” have recently been registered by the company. For many, these names would be references to the helmet, but also to the chips it would carry.

As we know, for two years, Apple has been producing its own chips (the famous M chips for Macs). It would therefore be logical that the helmet also benefits from it. Hence the name “Reality Processor”, which leaves no doubt about its nature. In this case, “Reality One” would then be the name of the first chip, the “R1”, like the first “M1” chip unveiled two years ago.

As for the helmet, it could therefore be called the “Reality Pro”, which would in some way justify its price, estimated at 2500 or even 3000 dollars.