You are currently viewing Apple Keynote: you have clearly been marked by Dynamic Island and its well thought-out pill

Apple Keynote: you have clearly been marked by Dynamic Island and its well thought-out pill

Apple’s back-to-school conference presented many new features: the iPhone 14 Pro pill, the Always on display, the Apple Watch Ultra and the system for finding the AirPods Pro. What is your favorite novelty? This was the subject of our survey of the week, here are the results.

Apple’s back-to-school conference in 2022 will be Far out // Source: Apple/YouTube

If you missed it, this week was marked by Apple’s back-to-school conference. The Apple brand has as always announced its new iPhones, here the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, but also a whole new range of Apple Watch as well as new second-generation AirPods Pro.

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Health in focus

If a good part of these products are based on already known elements, a lot of novelties came to spice up the conference. Starting with a brand new product, the Apple Watch Ultra, a connected watch designed for sports enthusiasts in extreme conditions which explicitly targets Garmin’s hegemony in this area.

Apple Watch Ultra 2022 official Frandroid 2022
Apple Watch Ultra

Apple, of course, focused a large part of its conference on the theme of health. Evidenced by the various systems for calling for help via satellite on the iPhone or the detection of accidents on the brand’s watches and telephones.

The iPhone Pro is full of new features

On the iPhone side, the disappearance of the notch on the Pro range has paved the way for a new grammar in the interface of the Apple brand: Dynamic Island. The system will actually hide the pill that hides the selfie and Face ID sensors with a clever real-time information system that keeps you up to date with background tasks on your phone.

Apple Event — September 7 1-16-40 screenshot
Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max // Source: Apple

Another element taken from Android, but magnified by Apple, we can mention the arrival of the Always on display on the iPhone Pro, still as a major contribution to the iOS experience.

The high-end headphones from the Cupertino company have also benefited from a nice addition: the possibility of finding the box by ringing it. Enough to help the heads in the air.

Apple Keynote: what is the novelty that you remember?

After this conference full of novelties, we wanted to ask you which one you would remember if you had to keep only one. This was therefore the subject of our survey of the week.

poll of the week

At the end of the survey, a big trend emerges with regard to the striking novelty of the 2022 keynote: the famous Dynamic Island and its well thought-out pill, which garnered 67.9% of the votes. “I really liked Dynamic Island. It’s a welcome change», comments tabo56. This software feature is far ahead of the Apple Watch Ultra (13.1%), itself followed by the satellite connection and accident detection (9.7%).

At the bottom of the pack, the hard-to-lose AiPods Pro 2 (5.5%) and the Always on display iPhone (3.8%) haven’t really won your favor. For Dams,the satellite alert is a real technological innovation, consistent with the protection tools already launched by the brand (fall detection, etc.) and that it will surely be democratized on other smartphones/watches and really save lives“.

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