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Apple is preparing the future of the password and it will even work on Windows

Apple introduced us at WWDC 2022 to the Identification Keys feature that will eliminate the need for traditional passwords. This addition, which we had already had a glimpse of last year, is revealed a little more now.

Imagine a world without passwords, but still secure. This is what Apple promises for iOS with a new feature called Passkeys that would allow its users to authenticate only by using their fingerprint or Face ID facial recognition. This solution should be integrated into iOS 16, but would not be a priori from the launch of the version expected in September. Anyway, Apple reveals a little more about the operation of this novelty via an interview with Tom’s Guide.

How does it work?

It should work like an iCloud keyring. Your username and password fields will be automatically filled in — once you identify yourself biometrically via Touch ID or Face ID — and will use the more secure passkeys that will remain stored on your device.

Apple ID Keys
Source: Apple

Passkeys go beyond a simple password and generate a unique key accessible only via Touch ID or Face ID and which will prevent anyone from stealing it, because it will be stored in the iCloud keychain and will not be visible no one, not even you.

This may well make passwords obsolete in the future, since this method would prevent the user from being vulnerable to typical security attacks (eg phishing) that can target anyone today.

And does it work on products from other brands?

But what if you want to connect to a service via another platform or on a product from another brand? According to Kurt Night, director of product marketing for Apple’s platforms, you will then be presented with a QR code that you can scan with your iPhone so that you can still authenticate via Face ID or Touch ID.

Apple ID Keys
Source: Apple

The cross-platform experience is very easy“, assures the manager. “Let’s say you have an iPhone, but want to log in on a Windows machine. You will be able to access a QR code which you can then scan with your iPhone and then use Face ID or Touch ID on your phone“.

You will also be able to share your passkeys with other devices via AirDrop.

AirDrop Passkey Sharing
Source: Apple

Apple is currently working to implement passkeys in its apps. This system is based on a method created by the FIDO Alliance, an industry association whose mission is to develop ways to reduce our dependence on passwords. Google and Microsoft have also agreed to implement their standard in their products in the future, which should facilitate their adoption.

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