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Apple could add the satellite network on iPhone – Belgium iPhone

We thought we knew everything about the content of the next keynote, but that’s without counting on the probable connection via satellite. Appeared a year ago, this rumor is again pointing the tip of his nose.

It was the consultant Tim Farrar, specializing in satellite communications, who brought the rumor up to date on Twitter. According to him, Apple and the company should make an announcement along these lines during the keynote on September 7.

What are the clues?

First, the invitation card. Indeed, the slogan “Far Out” which could be translated as “avant-garde”, “brilliant” or simply “distant” could be a clue concerning the connection via satellite.

Second clue, the company Globalstar announced that it had acquired 17 new satellites in order to complete its constellation and ensure the continuity of its service to a “potential customer”. This customer is anonymous, but could be Apple.

What use?

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the function, dubbed Emergency Message via Satelliteis designed to allow users of compatible iPhones to send SOS messages to first responders if they find themselves in the mountains, at sea or in isolated areas.

Apple is very interested in health and wants to offer prompt assistance to Apple product owners. Quick access to emergency services without network coverage would only be the first building block. Eventually, users could benefit from worldwide access to the Internet and make regular telephone calls via satellite link. The combination of fast 5G networks and satellite services could one day make the iPhone the most powerful global communication device available.

It will still take a little patience to find out if this function will be announced at the next Apple event on September 7, 2022.

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