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Apple Arcade: this is what will become of the games removed from the catalog

As we announced to you a few days ago, 15 games will leave the Apple Arcade platform (the titles can be found here). Since then, the apple brand has given more details.

Concretely, once the games are deleted, it will still be possible for subscribers to play them for two weeks. After 14 days, the game can no longer be launched and players will be notified.

Regarding the future of games, Apple says that everything will depend on the developers: “After a game leaves Arcade, the game developer can choose to make their game available on the App Store. These games may vary from the Arcade version. If the developer makes their game available on the App Store and allows you to load your saved progress, you can pick up where you left off in the Arcade version.

In other words, the ball will be entirely in the court of the creators of these games. Another point to emphasize: the arrival of these titles in the traditional way in the App Store may be accompanied by integrated purchases. The developer will indeed be able to choose whether he wishes to make certain elements (or even the entire game) chargeable. What is strictly prohibited within Apple Arcade.

Recall that at the launch of Apple Arcade, the Cupertino company had signed a three-year exclusive contract with many developers. These contracts are ending soon and other games are therefore likely to leave the platform.