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Any upcoming changes for WWE belts?

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For several weeks, a rumor has been circulating that WWE has designed new champion titles and Fightful today reveals several information on this subject.

People interviewed by Fighful claim that there are at least three new champion belt designs that are already finished and currently in WWE’s possession. The Belt Fan Dan Twitter account clarified that two of them were new belts for the tag team division. He also pointed out that it’s an existing design with a strap, two plates and a large WWE logo in the center. He also adds that there are old tag team titles that had never been used that look like the women’s tag team titles on colored straps. Sources at WWE have indicated that further design changes have been suggested, although Fightful did not get many details about it.

Several superstars interviewed by Fightful have personally positioned themselves in favor of certain changes regarding the design of the titles. Regarding the velcro, the superstars interviewed appreciate the fact that they can attach the belts quickly even if the aesthetics leave something to be desired.

Several people revealed to Fightful that changes to the designs of the Championship Belts were already being discussed long before the changes in WWE management. However, the arrival of Triple H would have greatly accelerated certain things with much less hesitation on certain decisions.

Fightful ends by saying that aesthetic changes on the side of RAW, SmackDown and NXT also seem to be on the horizon with the logo of the last mentioned show as an example.

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