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‘Any saving is good to take’: find out which mobile operators offer the best deals

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Given the economic context, any economy is good to take. Julie Frère, spokesperson for Test Achats, was present in the RTL Info 13 h to give us some tips for saving on our telecom bills.

Alix Battard: Is there a way to save money on this item?

Julie Brother : Absolutely. You must first clearly define your profile: we know that what is important is the consumption of “Mobile Data”. The average is 5 GB, but this can vary. It is therefore necessary first of all to know what you intend to consume, so as not to take too much and therefore pay for a more expensive formula. Conversely, if you take out too low a subscription, you will have to pay 10 cents per Megabit for each additional consumption and this can go up very quickly. The advice is therefore to analyze well, and choose the offer that suits you best.

AB: Which operators offer the best prices?

JF: What should be remembered is that the big operators, like Telenet or Proximus, are often much more expensive. While you can find formulas half the price from smaller operators like Mobile Vikings. This can amount to 200 euros per year in savings and any savings are good to take.

AB: There are also packs with mobile subscriptions included, is that interesting?

JF: They are becoming more and more successful anyway, in 2021 they saw a 16% increase. If we look at the Mobile + Internet packs: as in the previous case, it is much more expensive at Proximus or Telenet rather than at Orange or Mobile Vikings. As with energy suppliers, don’t be afraid to compare and change.

AB: For Internet subscriptions, what are the reflexes to have?

JF: You must also start by defining your needs and the use you make of them. You need to know the number of people in your household, and the number of devices connected to it. The standard speed is 100 Mbps, for a family to use the Internet at the same time, and be comfortable there. But for some families where the use is more intensive there, we will have to choose a formula with a higher speed. Here too, the Telenet formula is 58 euros, and Mobile Vikings, we are more at 38 euros per month.

AB: And if we want to add digital television?

JF: Here, we can see that the Orange formula is 12 euros cheaper than that of Proximus. 96 euros per month, compared to 108 at Proximus.