You are currently viewing Antonella d’Orléans-Bourbon at the Monaco Red Cross gala with a personalized Sophie Habsburg bag

Antonella d’Orléans-Bourbon at the Monaco Red Cross gala with a personalized Sophie Habsburg bag

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Princess Antonella of Orléans-Bourbon participated this Monday, July 18, 2022 in the gala of the Monegasque Red Cross. The step-cousin of King Juan Carlos wore a black caftan and a crocheted Sophie Habsburg bag that also featured her initials.

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Princess Antonella d’Orléans-Bourbon at the 2022 Monaco Red Cross gala

Did Princess Antonella of Orléans-Bourbon carry a souvenir of her wonderful vacation in Marrakech? Princess Antonella and Princess Eulalia escaped to Morocco for a few days last March. It is in a sober black caftan with semi-transparent sleeves and colored borders that the princess appeared on the Place du Casino this Monday, July 18.

Princess Antonella of Orléans-Bourbon at the charity gala on July 18 in favor of the Monegasque Red Cross (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

Princess Antonella took part in the Monaco Red Cross gala, which began with an elegant dinner, followed by a concert. American singer Alicia Keys set the mood this year with her open-air concert in the square. The charity evening is organized for the benefit of the Monegasque Red Cross which “ Its mission is to save lives and prepare the population for disasters, to support all people in need without discrimination. The Red Cross conducts humanitarian awareness and prevention actions.

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Kaftan and crocheted bag Sophie de Habsbourg for Antonella

The wife of Prince Alvaro d’Orléans-Bourbon was holding a green crocheted bag. This crocheted raffia bag is instantly recognizable. This is the Ana Capri model by Sophie Habsburg. Archduchess Sophie, who has her own boutique in Rome, sells her designs in luxury stores around the world. Her bags and clutches have become staples in European courts. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is one of his loyal customers. Princess Antonella’s green bag was personalized with her initials, AOB.

The crocheted Ana Capri Sophie Habsburg bag personalized with the initials of Antonella Orléans-Bourbon. Archduchess Sophie of Habsburg is the granddaughter of Archduke Maximilian-Eugene, only brother of Emperor Charles 1st, last Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

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To ensure maximum benefits from this charity gala, the princely family attends the event every year. This year Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene were accompanied by Camilla Gottlieb, who wore a spirit tulle dress with raffia embroidery from RED Valentino. Princess Charlene wore a frosty Prada dress and Van Cleef & Arpels butterfly jewelry. The Monegasque Red Cross was founded in 1948 by Prince Louis II of Monaco and was recognized the same year by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Camille Gottlieb accompanied her uncle to the 2022 Red Cross gala (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

Prince Alvaro married Antonella Redina in 2007. The couple have one daughter, Princess Eulalia. Prince Alvaro, born in 1947, is the last child of Prince Alvaro of Orléans-Bourbon. His father is a descendant, in the direct male line of King Louis-Philippe 1st, and therefore of Louis XIII.

Simplified family tree of Prince Alvaro d’Orléans-Bourbon, father of Princess Eulalia (Image: Histoires Royales)

The name Bourbon, attached to that of Orléans, comes from Eulalie de Bourbon, daughter of Queen Isabella II of Spain, great-great-grandmother of Prince Alvaro. On the side of Alvaro’s maternal grandmother, Princess Beatrice, he is descended from the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family, through Duke Alfred, son of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, who had married the Tsar’s daughter Alexander II of Russia. Alvaro is the cousin of King Juan Carlos and one of his close friends. King Juan Carlos is also the godfather of his daughter, Princess Eulalia.

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