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Anthem, candidates, teachers: Everything you need to know about the new “Star Academy”

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Saturday, 9:15 p.m. After a page of advertising, the sound “Love Generation” by Bob Sinclar resounds on TF1, the star-shaped set appears on the screen with dancers and a dapper Nikos Aliagas. No, we haven’t gone back to the early 2000s. More than 20 years have passed since the first “Star Academy” and yet, turning on our TV, it felt like we were there again.

Before discovering the candidates of this new promotion, the private channel broadcasts a message from Robbie Williams, godfather of the season, who will be present on the set during the final. “I am proud to be the godfather of ‘Star Academy’“, declares the British singer who promises to keep an eye on the academicians.

A Belgian among the teachers

Nikos Aliagas then goes on to the presentations. First the faculty with Michael Goldman, director of the “Star Academy”. “I am passionate about music and I have been a producer for 20 years”, he launches in a short video. Its objective: to help candidates to “give the best version of themselves”.

Then comes Adeline Toniutti, singing teacher. Young hopeful in lyrical singing, the latter lost her voice following an accident and now gives her valuable advice to her students. Laure Balon, former prima ballerina and singer of musicals, will teach stage expression while the Belgian Pierre de Brauer, theater teacher, is presented as the new Oscar Sisto. Finally, time for the show with Yanis Marshall, a dance teacher who taught in Los Angeles. “I am super demanding. I will challenge them on all dance styles“, he says before demonstrating his abilities on the set of the show, in particular by donning amazing red leggings. Sitting in the stands, “Joe”, the sports coach of the show, who works in particular with the Kardashian family, was also featured.

“I can see myself being the diva”

One by one, the candidates of this promotion are presented to the public. Leah opens the ball. “I have a character of a fighter, a ‘warrior’, a warrior, when I have a goal, I go for it“, she says in a video presentation before continuing: “To the “Star Ac'”I see myself being the diva, the girl who has an amazing voice, who knows how to sing everything.“On set, the 24-year-old Parisian performs Beyoncé’s “Listen” and reveals her exceptional voice. “Singing this song is brave and it sets the bar high“, comments Adeline Toniutti.

Despite his shortcomings in English, Stanislas, a 24-year-old Breton, hopes to go far in the adventure. “It’s amazing to be here today. (…) I do not realize“, admits the candidate after having performed “The Play Boys” by Jacques Dutronc. “When Jenifer won the Star Ac’, you were only 3 years old…“, remarks Nikos Aliagas. “What emerges from him is the happiness of sharing“, says Laure Balon.

Paola23 years old, and friend20 years old, from Angers and Cergy respectively, perform as a duo on “The last day of disco” by Juliette Armanet. “For a first bonus, we aim high“, launches Laure Balon following the performance of the two young women.

True fan of the “Star Academy”, Louis, a 20-year-old man from Boudy-de-Beauregard, is in tears when he talks about his participation in the show. “It’s huge, it’s a dream. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was little“, he says, even making his comrades cry. The one who sang “Another world” from Telephone says he has “suffered a lot from people’s eyes“.”I have been criticized a lot saying that I was too much or not enough“, he confides. “With time, I accept myself as I am.”

Originating from the south of France, Carl, 23 years old, and Chris, 28, shares the “Seniorita” title with Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. Benjamin of the season, Tiana. 19 years old and from Meaux, appears on “Jusqu’au bout” by Amel Bent.

On his side, Anisha, a 22-year-old woman from Madagascar, participates in the “Star Academy” to convey a message of hope for children living in poverty. “I did not have an easy childhood. I experienced what a child should not experience. I had a lack of love, of consideration”she said before adding: “But, as long as there is life, there is hope.” After singing “I’m sick”, the candidate receives a message of encouragement from Serge Lama. “It was a delicious moment. She puts her heart into it, with a grain of voice that belongs to her. Bravo”, says the singer in a video broadcast live. “It moves me. We are happy to know that the songs we wrote continue to live with new performers.”

During the evening, viewers also had the opportunity to discover Ahcene20 years old and originally from Charlesville-Mezière, Cenzo22 years old and originally from Tahiti, Enola22 years old and from Gironde and finally Juliana 20-year-old young man from Toulon who took over “Being a man like you” from Disney’s “The Jungle Book”. Goldman about the latter.

“I cried a lot during rehearsals”

First winner of the “Star Academy”, Jenifer was the guest star of this first bonus. Dressed in fushia from head to toe, the ex-coach of “The Voice, the most beautiful voice” and “The Voice Kids” offered the public a medley of her most beautiful titles. “I cried a lot at rehearsals“, she confides, moved, to Nikos Aliagas. “It was crazy, so crazy. Sometimes I feel like it was yesterday. I learned through the teachers we were lucky enough to have. (…) You have to make use of all the encounters you are going to make.

The interpreter of “Give me the time” then sat alongside the candidates until their departure for the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys in the company of Karima Charni, co-presenter of the show.

The anthem of the season is known

While the students were heading by bus to the famous castle in the company of Karima Charni, co-presenter of the show, Nikos Aliagas began the second part of the evening alongside the public and the teachers. It was at this time that Michael Goldman revealed what was going to be the anthem of the season. Directed by former “Star Academy” contestant Mosimann, this one is “acover of a great song from the 80s“, says the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman before specifying: “This is ‘Do not go without me’ by Celine Dion“. If the tube of the Canadian will punctuate each premium of the season, nothing ensures that the interpreter of “My Heart will go on” will make an appearance there.