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Angèle: “You can’t be loved without being hated”

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Belgian singer Angèle has become a pop icon and a figure of feminism in just four years. “I had neither the shoulders nor the team to be confronted with such rapid notoriety”, she admits in an exclusive interview with the RTS Le Short podcast.

Angèle went from small bars in Brussels, where she gave her intimate piano-voices, to planetary tours. She was barely 21 years old when her career took off thanks to social networks. Her songs then quickly became hits at the same time as the young singer rose to the figure of feminism, in particular thanks to “Balance ton quoi” which had become the anthem of feminist demonstrations.

But his private life is also spied on, even to the point that the celebrity press revealed in 2019 his love affair with a woman, through stolen photos. “Three years ago, I had neither the shoulders nor a team by my side to be confronted with such rapid notoriety. It was becoming unbearable”, explains Angèle in an interview with the RTS Le Short podcast, during her switch to Paléo last July.

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Le Short in (f)estival mode: Angèle, her dog Pépette, social networks, notoriety and… puns / Le Short / 10 min. / August 27, 2022

fear of fame

Accepting fame was therefore not obvious for the Belgian singer. “There were times in my life when I was scared of being famous, of people asking me for pictures on the street,” she says.

Deprived of concerts because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Angèle took this time to produce her second album “Nonante-five”, three years after “Brol” which was a phenomenal success, selling 1.5 million. of copies. She also realized how “lucky” she was to be on stage. “If I had immediately, with open arms, accepted notoriety, I would not be a balanced person,” she notes.

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“Very spontaneous” on social networks

Angèle often favors social networks to communicate with her audience. Moreover, she unveiled her new album, a week in advance, on Instagram where she has 3.6 million subscribers.

“On social networks, I can be very spontaneous,” she says. But she recognizes that at the same time, she is much more exposed to criticism. “I’m not armored. But when you’re known, it’s inevitable to experience unpleasant things on social networks.”

Sometimes the press will get away with using what is said on social networks to write articles


And to add: “Sometimes, the press will clear itself by using what is said on social networks to write articles. (…) It’s a bit like the ransom of glory. You can’t be loved without being hated.”

In the management of her image, Angèle remained “very independent”, in particular by creating her own label. “It was one of the most important choices of my entire life. (…) Nobody advises me what to say on social networks. So I have real freedom.”

But “it’s not always easy to accept that my image can be out of control,” she says. “There will always be photos that don’t look good, videos that I hate or don’t look good in.”

Angèle announces that she wants to make music all her life, even if she does not yet know what her third album will look like. “It’s not a ‘goal’ yet, because I still have too many things to do.” In October, the “Nonante-five” tour will resume in France and Belgium.

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Interview by Davy Bailly-Basin/vajo