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Android 13 on phone (1): Nothing tells you to stop focusing on updates

The founder of Nothing, Carl Pei, does not seem in a hurry to bring Android 13 to his brand’s smartphone, which nevertheless promises three years of updates.

Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

The Nothing phone (1), in addition to displaying a design that is really out of the ordinary, has the good taste of being a balanced phone that we appreciated, since it obtained the score of 8/10. One of the most impressive points to bring to the credit of the young London brand was undoubtedly its promise of three years of Android updates, at a time when some brands are still struggling to exceed two years on the mid-range.

That being said, here we are in August and most major manufacturers have already presented a first beta of their interface under Android 13, such as One UI 5, ColorOS 13 or MIUI 13. As for Nothing, no news on the horizon.

Cryptic response

Asked by our colleague from NumeramaNicolas Lellouche, on Twitter, Carl Pei, the brand’s founder, completely dodges the question by answering in a very cryptic way: “A product is more than its specifications, features and version numbers. »

Hey Carl, have you made an official post on Android 13? Any idea when it’s coming?

— Nicolas Lellouche (@LelloucheNico) August 17, 2022

As rightly remarked 9to5GoogleNothing highlights on its site that “NothingOS only offers the best of Android”. Even if the young brand means by this that its interface does not bother with frills and aims for fluidity, its position will be more difficult to hold if Android 13 comes out a little too late. Let’s hope that the somewhat laconic response of the founder of Nothing does not hide their difficulties in keeping up.

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