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Anaïs Camizuli swings on her absence in Les Cinquante

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By Solene V

– Posted on 06 Sep 2022 at 15:02

Anaïs Camizuli, emblematic candidate for reality TV, does not participate in the new program Les Cinquante. She recently shared the reasons for her absence with her community.

Anais Camizuli is an emblematic reality TV candidate. Known for her strong character, she was revealed to the general public thanks to Secret Story season 7. She was also the big winner of this edition. The young woman then continued on several programs including The Angels or The Villa of Broken Hearts. But when her daughter was born Kessi, she chose to take a break in this environment to focus on her family life and her priorities. So it was only a few years later that we were able to see her again on a show. Indeed, the young mother participated in The Battle of Couplesseason 3, in 2021 alongside his great friend Eddie. Being thus worth to him are great return on our screens. But since then, it’s been radio silence…

This Monday, September 5, W9 broadcast the very first episode of Fifty. A unique program with a brand new concept that has won over 50 emblematic candidates reality TV. Among them, Amélie Neten, Maeva Ghennam or even Julien Bert, Milla Jasmine, Greg Yega, Aurélie Dotremont and Mélanie Dedigama … A real clash of generations that won over candidates and viewers from day one. It was therefore not difficult for them to assume thatAnais could make an unexpected return. However, there is nothing. The mother of Kessi is one of the major absentees from the program. And for a very specific reason.

Anaïs Camizuli ready to do reality TV again?

So many hope to see again Anais Camizuli in a reality show, they risk being disappointed. For good reason, the young mother made it clear that she no longer wanted to move towards this environment. Not considering The Battle of Couples was not really a good experience for her… She confides in Instagram story about her absence in The Fifty : ” No thanks. I couldn’t bear to leave my daughter 2 years ago for the filming of the battle of couples. And I don’t want reality TV at all! Even if the concept looks great”. His words have the merit of being clear. Anais Camizuli does not intend to relaunch in this environment and wishes to devote himself fully to his daughter.