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Amazon will increase its prices in Belgium – Geeko

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The e-commerce giant announces an increase in its prices for its Prime subscriptions throughout Europe.

On September 15, Amazon will increase the prices of all of its Prime subscriptions in Europe. The most spectacular price increase concerns two markets: France and Belgium, where the price of the subscription will increase by 43%. The price increase is more moderate on the other European markets. In Germany, Amazon is limited to a price increase of 30%, and 20% in the United Kingdom. However, no country is spared.

In practice, the Prime subscription will therefore increase from €5.99 to €6.99 per month, and from €49 to €69.9 per year in Belgium and France.

Amazon justifies this price increase by galloping inflation and the general increase in costs in the market. The announcement comes just two days before the presentation of the group’s quarterly results.

The Prime subscription is mainly used by subscribers to guarantee receipt of parcels within one working day, but also to subscribe to the Prime Video streaming platform. Subscribers receive different benefits, depending on the market, including access to an online music catalog or the ability to print photos for free each month from the Amazon site. This is what explains the price disparities.

It should be noted in passing that if the price increase is the most brutal in Belgium and France, the Prime subscription remains relatively cheap there. From September 15, the annual Prime subscription will be charged €69.9 there, compared to €89.9 in Germany and £95 in the United Kingdom.

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