You are currently viewing Amazon us code Fall Guys, how to get the Prime Gaming reward?

Amazon us code Fall Guys, how to get the Prime Gaming reward?

Prime Gaming rewards are up for grabs on Fall Guys, for Amazon Prime subscribers! But what is the procedure to follow?

For some years now, a subscription system has been in place by Amazon, making it possible to obtain advantages at many levels. One of them concerns video games, and in many games it is possible to obtain new rewards thanks to this Prime subscription.

One of the games affected by this benefit is Fall Guyswhich incidentally is recently became free-to-play. It is possible to obtain different skins or cosmetics through Prime Gaming, by subscribing to Amazon Prime. But once it does, how to get the different rewards in the game ? We detail the steps to follow below.

How to get Prime Gaming rewards on Fall Guys?

To get the Prime Gaming rewards on Fall Guys, you will have to enter a code on the site given by Amazon. Find below the steps to follow, as well as the link to the site given by Amazon:

  • Open Fall Guys
  • Go to “Settings”, then choose “Profile”
  • Select the option “Link an Amazon account”
  • You will then receive a unique code that will allow you to link your Fall Guys and Prime Gaming accounts. Enter the code on the link given by the game (source)
  • The unlocked content will then be automatically added to your game

Different content on Fall Guys will be obtainable through the Prime subscription. Visit the in-game rewards page regularly (source) to not miss any of the rewards, and to be able to obtain all the skins and cosmetics offered with the subscription!

The next rewards to collect on Fall Guys

As a reminder, the game is completely free, and is available on many platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, PC or Switch. Don’t hesitate to download and install it to be able to try it, directly from the Epic Games Store!