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Amazon launches its store in Belgium and breaks the price of Prime: how to cancel your old subscription

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Belgian customers previously had the option of shopping on, or, respectively dedicated to France, the Netherlands and Germany. Delivery to our country was not necessarily charged.

From Belgium, it was also possible to subscribe to Amazon Prime on these sites, to take advantage of accelerated delivery or the “Prime Video” catalog of videos on demand.

Amazon Prime Belgian version is modeled on the Netherlands

But significant price variations exist: the French “Prime” (€6.99/month) has become, since September 15, more than twice as expensive as the Dutch one (€2.99/month).

For the Belgian customer, it was completely legal to pay Amazon Prime half price via the Dutch store for an almost identical offer, minus a few additional services (Prime Reading, Amazon Music Prime, etc.).

Amazon Prime Services Via Via
Prime Delivery Yes Yes
Prime Video Yes Yes
Amazon Music Prime Yes Nope
Prime Reading Yes Nope
Prime Gaming Yes Yes
Amazon Pics Yes Yes
Audible Yes Nope
Priority access to flash sales Yes Nope

From now on, the new Belgian shop also offers this “Prime” service and is modeled on the version of our Batavian neighbors, applying the same prices: the monthly subscription costs €2.99/month, the annual one is exchanged for 25 euros.

How to transfer your Amazon Prime subscription?

What about Belgians who currently have a subscription to They will be able to transfer their subscription and get a refund.

“If you live in Belgium and have an Amazon Prime subscription on another Amazon site, we encourage you to transfer your subscription to By signing up for Prime on, your Amazon Prime subscription (, or will be automatically canceled and you will receive a refund”, explains the company.

To do this, go to the page dedicated to Amazon Prime on the Belgian site, click on the “Try Prime for Free” button and follow the transfer procedure.

“If you wish to keep your subscription on or you will be able to re-subscribe once you have received a refund for your subscription. If you have a Prime subscription in several countries, you will only receive one refund” , adds the company founded by Jeff Bezos.

For the German version of the site, on the other hand, unsubscribing from Prime is final. “Customers who cancel their subscription on will not be able to re-subscribe to Prime on,” Amazon notes. To take advantage of the subscription on both sides, you must register on the site in Belgium without transferring your subscription.