You are currently viewing Alpha Dragonflight, the new features of phase 4: Warrior, Caligraphy, Skinning and Thaldraszus

Alpha Dragonflight, the new features of phase 4: Warrior, Caligraphy, Skinning and Thaldraszus

The new Dragonflight alpha phase has arrived, bringing with it new features expected by the community such as Warrior talents.

Every week Blizzard releases new Alpha phases for the next expansion of World of Warcraft, Dragonflight. With each new phase we can see new talents, professions, areas or even dungeons.

For this 4th phase, there will be no new dungeons but the short story, Thaldraszus, all Warrior skills for all specializations and new features for the Calligraphy and Skinning professions.

New Warrior Talents in WoW Alpha: Dragonflight

One of the most anticipated new features of this phase 4 of the alpha are the new Warrior talents. This class is extremely popular and has received some very interesting changes.

Example of Arms Warrior talents

All three specializations received significant changes, with the return of iconic spells like Stances or Retaliation for all specializations. Some talents will be reminiscent of past expansions.

If you want to do your own testing even without access to the Dragonflight alpha, visit the wowhead talent calculator.

New area, Thaldraszus, at WoW: Dragonflight Alpha

In addition to the changes to the Warrior, a whole new area will be available: Thaldraszus. This area is the headquarters of the Draconic Aspects and a very important point in the map of the Dragon Islands because it is here that we will find the capital, Valdrakken.


This is also where we can find Thyrhold, the imposing building that Koranos activated in the expansion’s intro cinematic. As with other areas, part of the campaign quest will be available in addition to side quests.

New Professions, Skinning and Inscription, in WoW Alpha: Dragonflight

The two reworked professions for this Alpha phase are Inscription and Skinning.

For Inscription, the developers have chosen to insist on specialization in the Darkmoon Faire decks but also in other points such as the Archives specialization.

For Skinning, there are no major changes apart from the addition of an object that allows you to attract creatures directly to you to skin them.

If you want to read more details about these new ones, visit the official site.

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