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Almost mandatory side quests in Dragonflight

Countless optional quests await you in Dragonflight. Although secondary, these will become almost mandatory at times, especially because they are full of interesting rewards, even important ones to equip you or obtain, for example, dungeon quests.

In the Dragon Islands, you will indeed find that the last quest in an area does not systematically send you to a dungeon, but rather to the next area. This is confirmed in the various quests that are offered to you. For most dungeons you will need to complete side quests, sometimes a good bunch, before getting the quest related to a dungeon.

In Shadowlands, you had the different “Temporary Resident” achievements for each area of ​​Shadowlands. These meta achievements are back in Dragonflight and require completing +/- 6 questlines.

The quests allow in particular, and this is not nothing, to gain reputation with the different factions and thus to unlock the levels of Renown. I remind you that you do not pass Honored or Revered towards the Dracaret Expedition or the Iskaarian Rohart faction. You gain ranks of Renown as with covenants in Shadowlands.

Side quests offer many rewards:

  • Reputation towards the 4 main factions.
  • Experience, usually between 10,000 and 21,000 XP.
  • Equipment up to ilvl 347 (random upgrade possible up to epic). It’s not huge, expeditions can do much better.
  • Access to dungeon quests, including Nokhud Offensive and Azure Span.
  • Cosmetic upgrades for Dragonflight drakes.
  • Unlocking some expeditions.
  • Toys.
  • Mascots (like Goupilou that you can see in the news header).
  • Cosmetic and ornamental objects (bouquet of flowers for example).

Note that the optional quests will allow you to reach level 70 and thus unlock the last 4 dungeons: Neltharus, Algeth’ar Academy, Azure Vault and Halls of Imbuement.

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