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All about energy bonuses

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In September, the government announced new support measures aimed at reducing energy bills. These include the basic federal package for energy, the extension and extension of the fuel oil check and the extension of the application deadline for the federal heating premium. Some bonuses are granted automatically, others can be requested via the FPS Economy. Here is an overview.

The federal basic energy package 2022

The basic package is a bonus granted to each household which had a current contract for electricity and/or gas on 30 September 2022 or to households which had a collective installation for gas on this date (for example, a mansion where several households are domiciled with a single gas installation/contract).

The contract must be for a
Domestic use
. Thus, contracts for commercial or professional activities are not taken into account, as in the previous federal heating bonus of 100 euros.

The basic package applies to all
variable contracts
. If you have

a fixed contract
you will only receive the bonus if this contract was concluded or renewed after September 30, 2021. Households who benefited from the social tariff for energy on September 30, 2022 are not, however, entitled to the basic package.

This is a one-time, lump-sum premium. In other words, you will receive a fixed amount if you have a contract for electricity and/or gas. You will receive 122 euros for electricity and 270 euros for gas. These bonuses represent the value of the basic package for two months, namely November and December 2022.

The basic package will be granted automatically in the vast majority of cases. This will be done by a reduction on your deposit or closing invoice or by a payment to your bank account. The communication “Federal Electricity Package 2022” or “Federal Gas Package 2022” will always be mentioned.

The granting via the energy bill will take place before January 1, 2023.

What if you don’t receive the bonus automatically?

In some cases, you may not receive the bonus automatically. This is explained, for example, by the fact that the contact details of the customer at the supplier or the distribution network operator (GRD) do not correspond to those of the national register. Or because of a different spelling of the name and/or address, the use of call signs or an EAN code located at another address than the place of residence.

In this case, you can submit a written or electronic request to the FPS Economy from January 23, 2023.

So check now that the data in your electricity contract matches your data in the national register (use of your official name and correct address). This increases the likelihood that you will receive the bonus automatically.

The federal government has already announced that a second basic package will be granted for the months of January, February and March 2023. The exact terms of this allowance have yet to be defined legally, but it is likely that they will be similar to those of the first basic package.

What about existing bonuses?

In addition to the new energy support measures, there are still two other bonuses that you can apply for if you meet the conditions: the federal heating bonus and the fuel oil cheque.

federal heating subsidy
of 100 euros applies to any household with an electricity contract for their place of residence on March 31, 2022. Many households have already received this bonus automatically. This was done by a reduction on the deposit or adjustment invoice or by a payment to the bank account. If you have not received the bonus, you can make a request. Do it quickly because 14 days after the law is published, the deadline to apply will expire (likely in mid-November). Find out how on the FPS Economy website.

Another support measure is the
oil check
. Any household to which a supplier delivered bulk oil or propane for heating the main residence between November 15, 2021 and March 31, 2023 can claim the allowance only once, regardless of the number of deliveries. The government has decided to increase the amount of this check from 225 to 300 euros net. You can request the fuel oil check until April 30, 2023. If you have already received a check for 225 euros, you will receive the remaining 75 euros later. You do not need to take any action for this.

social tariff for energy
a more advantageous tariff for electricity and natural gas, has been extended in 2021. People who benefit from an increased intervention (BIM status) are also entitled to the social tariff for their electricity and/or natural gas until March 31, 2023. In most cases, this social tariff is granted automatically. You can check on the FPS Economy website if you are entitled and if you benefit automatically.

Furthermore, there is a a number of other measures taken by the federal government to deal with rising energy prices, both for consumers and for businesses. You will find an overview of these energy measures on the FPS Economy website.

Finally, the government announced a

“pellet” check

“. The legal framework is under development. It is therefore not yet possible to provide more information on this subject.