You are currently viewing Alain Chabat parodies the stroke of blood of King Charles III to announce his arrival on… TF1!  (video)

Alain Chabat parodies the stroke of blood of King Charles III to announce his arrival on… TF1! (video)

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You have certainly seen it, this video of Charles alongside Camilla, having to sign an official document in Ireland. A formal moment that quickly slipped. The king first made a mistake about the date he had to indicate, namely September 13 and not the 12, as he had already entered. Second problem: the ink from the pen which visibly stained the monarch’s fingers. ” I hate that ! Look, it’s everywhere,” he addressed Camilla before she experienced the leaky pen. “I can’t stand this damn thing. It hits me every time, ”he continued, in a grumpy mood. A sequence that made a lot of talk, but which had not yet been parodied. It is now done, thanks to Alain Chabat. Alongside Léa Drucker in the skin of Camilla and Jamel Debbouze in the guise of the assistant, the actor embodies his own version of King Charles…

The actor reproduces all the attitudes of the sovereign: from his anger at the defective pen to his mistake at the beginning on the date to be indicated. Here it is one hour. “Do I have to put ‘noon’? asks Chabat. “’23 hours’, sir”, slips Jamel. Problem: he had already entered “noon”. “Ah yes, you had written ‘noon'”, points out Léa Drucker, in a terribly obvious way. “But anyway, if you write ‘noon’ when it’s ’11 p.m.’, it makes no sense, because it’s a Late Show” – “Yes, I know Batman, thank you”, retorts Charles Chabat. We then understand that behind this completely lunar dialogue, hides a real info, which a voice-over reveals at the end of the video…

This staging served, in fact, to announce the arrival of Alain Chabat on TF1! The actor will soon occupy the slot from 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., to host a “Late show” (a comedy show traditionally broadcast in the second half of the evening). And good news for fans: it will be a daily! A veritable institution in the United States, this concept consists of an entertainment program, embodied on set by a host/actor generally placed behind a desk, which lends itself to the game of humorous monologues, quirky interviews, sketches, parodies, etc A dream for the ex-Nul, who had already imported an American television concept in France, in the early 1990s: that of “Saturday night live”, with “Les Nuls, l’mission”. A success that he hopes to repeat with his “Late show”. But Chabat is not the first to risk it in France. We remember that Arthur had already tried it on TF1, in the early 2010s. The show was called “Tonight with Arthur” and had not really found its audience. Ditto with Cyril Hanouna and his “Hanounight show” on Canal+ in 2016. A puzzle format, therefore. For now, no launch date has been announced, but TF1 indicates that “The Late Show with Alain Chabat” will arrive “soon”.

Note also that this is not the first time that the actor has appeared on a channel of the TF1 group. In 2018, he successfully relaunched his legendary “Burger Quiz” on TMC.