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Agathe Lecaron says: “I had an organ descent…”

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“I have several theoriesexplains the ex-host of RTL-TVi, now presenter of MasterChef on France Télévisions and AB3, at France Info. Maybe we scheduled it a little too early. Maybe people didn’t want to look at something so warmly inside. Maybe it’s more of a fall program.”

Agathe Lecaron then continues, in a cash way, on the more plausible reasons for the low audiences of the culinary program which saw the Belgian Samira climb to the final (but she was forced to give up). “We had ultra-tough competition. It’s true that we had no luck, because Mask Singer, the juggernaut of TF1, even stronger than The Voice, fell in front.” The host of The Kindergarten House hadn’t figured it out though. “I confess that I was happy, I told myself that there would not be Koh-Lanta. And my husband (François Pellissier, deputy general manager Business and Sports of the TF1 Group, Editor’s note) told me, this summer : ‘Yes, well, that doesn’t mean there won’t be another brand…’, in a very small voice, she concludes on France Info. He made me realize there was going to be a big thing in front and I started having an organ descent… so I guess that didn’t help. There were football matches… a lot of things.” The two spouses working for competing channels, they are indeed bound by professional secrecy.