After the “papa poule”, the “cool daddy”: how to be a father in the 2020s?

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Formerly called “heads of families”, associated with the image of authority and virility while often being absent, today’s fathers must learn to survive the fall of the patriarchal empire. More vulnerable, sensitive, they are more involved in household chores and raising children. Have they really changed?

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VSIt was around the turn of the 50s and 60s. The little Nicolas, from Sempé and Goscinny, landed in all the cottages of Belgium and France. The immense success of this series aimed at young people did not owe everything to the talent of its two creators alone. It’s that The little Nicolas captured the spirit of the times perfectly. A time when the family nucleus was basically a trinity: a pampered child, surrounded by friends. A Dad, who worked “at the office” to bring in money and who above all should not be disturbed when he returned home: he then peacefully read his newspaper, while incidentally smoking a pipe. A cuddly and overwhelmed Mum, who spent her life in the kitchen, took care of her son’s education, and basically carried everything that didn’t leave the house.

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