You are currently viewing After the express car park, it is the TOILETS that become chargeable at Charleroi airport: “I haven’t seen this anywhere else”

After the express car park, it is the TOILETS that become chargeable at Charleroi airport: “I haven’t seen this anywhere else”

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Houssam is appalled. He travels a lot and this is the first time he has seen pay toilets in an airport terminal (so even after going through security). Radio silence on the side of BSCA (Brussels South Charleroi Airport)…

“It’s incredible !”, Houssam writes to us via the orange Alert us button. This exclamation alone sums up the few messages received via our orange Alert us button. Many of you have reported to us a small change that went almost unnoticed at Charleroi airport. The toilets have recently become payable. It will now cost you one euro per passage. Payable by card only, cash is not accepted. You are warned if you have to wait long hours at Charleroi airport.

A change that arouses the incomprehension of many passengers. “I travel a lot. I was coming back from Manchester and I see a blocked toilet. The reason ? They had set up a pay toilet system. I haven’t seen this anywhere else. Even on arrival when getting off the plane, you have to pay. It’s horrible”explains Houssam who also specifies that the amount of one euro does not represent a fixed price, but a single right of passage, payable at each passage.

I am appalled

Eric also paid the price for this change. He can’t come back. Size details: there is also a charge for the toilets in the transit area, i.e. at the baggage claim area: “I am appalled. Charleroi Airport was already a pioneer in charging for parking to drop off passengers. Profitability at all costs is now pushing the airport to charge for toilets in the baggage claim area! I have traveled a lot and I don’t know an airport in the world where the greed is so blatant. It’s a shame for foreigners who land in Charleroi and the image this gives of Belgium. A country that monetizes rights the most basic of human beings“, he lets go.

On the side of Charleroi airport, it is radio silence. Despite our numerous requests to various departments (including the main management), the airport (which does not deny the existence of these pay toilets) did not wish to react or comment on these new infrastructures. As a reminder, at the beginning of this year, Brussels South Charleroi Airport had approved the future recapitalization of its shareholders in the amount of 40 million euros, following a very difficult period linked to Covid.