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After having his nose removed, he wants to have his leg amputated for his art

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Anthony Loffredo, alias “The Black Alien”, is once again being talked about. After having had his nose, part of his lips, ears or even fingers removed, the Frenchman, a follower of body modifications, wants to have one of his legs amputated.


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25-07-22, 16:31

The Mirror

Anthony Loffredo, 33, is passionate about body transformations. He launched a few years ago his project called “The Black Alien Project”, in order to transform himself into an extraterrestrial. A little over a year ago, the Frenchman traveled to Spain where he had his nose removed.

Previously, he had already had his entire body tattooed, as well as the eyeballs, had implants placed in his face and arms, and had his tongue cut in half. He also had his ears removed, two fingers amputated, and part of his upper lip cut off. A last operation which also prevents him from speaking properly. All that, in addition to the piercings, including a wide labret (a piercing under the lower lip that reveals the teeth, editor’s note).

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Anthony Loffredo before the body modifications started and a year ago after he had his nose and part of his lips removed. © Instagram

Anthony wants to go even further. In a podcast, “Black Alien” expressed his wish to have one of his legs amputated up to the knee. “It’s something complicated, because my leg is healthy. An amputation is not nothing”, he commented. Before getting there, however, Anthony indicates that he has other projects for his face.

In a post recently shared on his Instagram account, the Frenchman also hinted at the possibility of cutting his penis in half. A practice called subincision. Traditionally practiced by certain aboriginal tribes, it is very popular with body modification enthusiasts, in particular because it increases the pleasure tenfold.


He has his nose and upper lip removed to look like an alien