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After Booba, Jeff Panacloc attacks Magali Berdah: what the star of “Mask Singer” wanted to post on Instagram!

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It’s a scandal that continues to make a lot of noise. For several months, Booba has been using his notoriety to alert public opinion to the influencer community. Some of them are accused of orchestrating countless fraudulent product placements. Magali Berdah, the popess of reality TV was tainted by the full force of the case! As a reminder, the creator of Shauna Events worked with some social media stars involved on this.

Others still have contracts with the latter. “I discovered the role of their pseudo-manager, Magali Berdah, the queen of futility. It made me want to dig to understand. Understand why thousands of Internet users accuse them of scams”, analyzed Booba in the columns of Release. An initiative that had the merit of igniting social networks. Impacted from all sides, Magali Berdah filed a complaint against the rapper for harassment.

“They threatened to behead me, to rape me, my children, my daughters and me. They threatened to quarter me, stone me, drain me of my blood… I think it all happened”, told the cousin of Capucine Anav for Paris Match. In the process, Luna and Omar’s dad also filed a complaint for slanderous denunciation and defamation. On September 17, 2022, Jeff Panacloc relayed a video focused on the news of Magali Berdah on the Web.

“Be careful guys…”

“So be careful, I’m not going to steal the show from Booba”, loose Jean-Marc before going up on his ” own “ definition of influencer: “She’s a former stripper from la grande motte who scams honest people by buying stuff for 4 euros in China and who sells it to you 30 times the price by making disgusting videos on Instagram and they make you believe that it’s is the best product in the world and after getting the money they stole from you, they go back to Dubai to get their ass back together”.

Facing the camera, Jeff Panacloc tried to calm his sidekick: “You’re going strong there”. ” Yes excuse me “, confided the famous puppet. “They redo their cheekbones too […]. But she’s Magaloche too, she’s the boss and she never knows anything […]. Like I call the boss of EDF and the guy says to me: ‘Hey oh I have nothing to do with it if all of France has electricity […] Be careful guys, they take you for c*ns and sleep very well at night while you buy yourself stuff and it keeps you up at night”.

At the end of his video, Jeff Panacloc wanted to raise awareness in his community about the cyberbullying of Magali Berdah. “On the other hand, no hatred on social networks”, pointed out the Mask Singer star. “Nobody deserves death threats and all that horrible stuff. Here, there are humans behind. Think about it”. The message got through!


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