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AEW Dynamite Results for August 3, 2022

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AEW Dynamite Columbus, Ohio

The commentators are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz and Excalibur.

– Tonight is AEW Dynamite, the show starts with Cassidy arriving first in the ring.

Singles Match

Orange Cassidy vs. Jay Lethal accompanied by Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt

At the end of the fight, Cassidy can’t make his Punch because his knee hurts too much. Lethal wants to take advantage, but Cassidy knocks him down with a Beach Break to cover him, but he resists. Cassidy goes for Orange Punch, but Lethal hits him on the knee. Lethal wants to submit, but Cassidy rolls him up and he resists. Lethal kicks him and his Lethal Injection for the three count.

Winner: Jay Lethal

– After the fight, Sonjay Dutt enters the ring to congratulate Lethal. Dutt says at the last Rampage, Wardlow came after the game, what does he think? Lethal says Wardlow stuck his nose into their business to protect his new friend Cassidy. If Wardlow is listening, he should come now because he’s going to apply his Figure Four on Cassidy and break her leg. Lethal begins submission, but Wardlow arrives with the Best Friends. Lethal’s clan leaves the ring directly. Dutt says it’s not the right time to make the match. They’re going to do it the right way. Battle of the Belts 3, Wardlow must put his title on the line against his guy ! Wardlow says if Lethal doesn’t have the balls for tonight, the date of the match doesn’t matter, the result will be the same.

– The music of Adam Cole begins and he arrives in the ring with the rest of Undisputed Elite. Cole says first of all, he’s happy to be back in the ring. And even better, being back in the ring with his friends. He has a bad newz, unfortunately he is still not released by the doctor. But he took this time to reflect. Thinking about the success of the Undisputed Elite and the things they can work together, what they can fix. A good group comes with a good leader, but also an alchemy between its members, talent and precisely, we are currently looking at the five best in the industry. Even more important: loyalty, to fight with our brothers no matter what. He came to AEW because of the Young Bucks, that’s precisely loyalty. He’s been around the world with O’Reilly and Fish, it’s still loyalty. Loyalty is everything. Which brings him to the Trios Tournament… Cole says he would so love to have Undisputed Elite as the original champions, but if he doesn’t get released by the doctor and neither does O’Reilly, if the Bucks do not select Fish as a partner they will not be able to make the tournament! Cole says the Bucks won’t be able to do the tournament without Fish! Fish and O’Reilly attack the Bucks! They’re kicking the Bucks. Fish jams Matt Jackson’s head into a chair, Cole gets on the corner, but Adam Hangman Page comes into the ring with a metal pipe. Undisputed Elite flees the ring. Page helps Matt Jackson up and leaves backstage.

– Behind the scenes, we find Jon Moxley. Moxley says that tonight the last survivor of the Hart Dungeon will face the last survivor of the Blackpool Combat Club for a match against him. Who does he want to see win? It does not matter. It’s not important to face your friend or an enemy. When the bell rings, he has no respect for anyone. Whether it’s Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. When he is in the ring he wants to break his opponent in two and draw blood. In the end the Hart Dungeon will look like a health care center. Moxley says Jericho and Yuta better be ready for next week, it’s his life, it’s not a game.

– Back after the break, in the parking lot, Tony Schiavone stops Christian Cage for his reaction to Jungle Boy’s comments. Christian says Jungle Boy was raised by terrible people. A car comes at full speed and Christian avoids it. Security arrives to get Jungle Boy out.

Tag Team Match

Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter accompanied by Rebel vs. Toni Storm and Thunder Rosa

At the end of the fight, Storm gets on the corner, but Rebel gets on the apron to distract her. Baker takes the opportunity to put his fingers in Rosa’s eyes and pull her out of the ring. Baker gets in the ring with Storm and gives her an Avalanche Air Plane Crash. Hayter takes the tag and makes his Clothesline, Baker a Stomp and Hayter covers it, but Rosa breaks the count. Then, Storm wants to charge Baker against the corner, but Baker avoids her and she puts Rosa in front of her to take the hit. Hayter continues with a Rainmaker on Storm for the count of three.

Winners: Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter

– We present a video of Sammy Guevara’s marriage proposal to Tay Conti last June in Paris, France. Eddie Kingston cuts the video. Kingston congratulates Guevara on her marriage, but no one cares. Now Guevara will have a bill coming. After his marriage, Guevara can look at his email and sign the contract, they will see each other at All Out.

– At the announce table, Taz announces that the Taz Clan is over for good. He wishes everyone good luck.

Singles Match

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ren Jones

Hobbs does a Running PowerSlam to Jones and a Clothesline. Hobbs covered him for the win in less than a minute.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

– After the fight, Ricky Starks’ music starts and he comes to the ring to attack Hobbs. The two exchange blows, Hobbs takes advantage of an intervention by the referee to make his Spinebuster on Starks.

– We present a video on Miro. Miro asks God who he can trust. How he can see the difference. At the end everyone will reveal their true personality (speaking of Malakai Black).

– Back, we present a video on Darby Allin talking about Brody King. Allin says King can’t live with the fact that he’s here because of him. King wants to build his name on him. King must know that he was the one who asked for this match. He will close the Coffin (coffin) on King.

Singles Match

Christian Cage vs. Matt Hardy

At the end of the fight, Christian Diving Headbutts Matt to cover him, but he resists. Christian smashes Matt’s head on a rope and kicks him. Christian charges it, but Matt blocks it with a Side Effect to cover it, but he resists two. Matt gives him a second Side Effect, but on the apron. Matt sets up a table and lays Christian on it. Matt goes for an Elbow Drop off the apron, but Christian dodges it and Matt crashes through the table. Christian gets him in the ring for a killswitch and covers him for the win.

Winner: Christian Cage

– After the fight, Christian goes to look for chairs. Christian prepares for a Con-Chair-To, but Luchasaurus arrives. Jungle Boy arrives from the other side, but Christian dodges the blow and leaves through the crowd.

– Backstage, Tony Schiavone is with Daniel Garcia to get his thoughts on his win over Bryan Danielson. Garcia says it was the biggest win in AEW history, he had the American Dragon tapped out. He is the dragon slayer. Garcia says when Danielson can come back, he’ll smash the dragon again.

– Back, Ethan Page is in the ring with a microphone. Ethan Page says he’s here to ask a question, why. Page asks why he’s not here every week. Why isn’t his face everywhere? Ethan Page deserves better. Stokely Hathaway arrives. Page says that when he releases a new t-shirt, it’s never a top 10 seller. But we’re first in line for an Orange Cassidy or CM Punk t-shirt. But Ethan Page, nobody follows him. Page turns around and realizes Hathaway is in the ring. Hathaway talks to him privately and offers him his card. Page takes the card and keeps it. Page leaves with Hathaway.

– Behind the scenes, we find Matt Menard, Angelo Parker and Anna Jay for their comments. Menard says he has hard nipples because in a week Jericho will be Le Champion again. Parker says this is when the AEW galaxy starts to appreciate them. Anna Jay says she’s the sexiest and strongest. She wasn’t afraid to prove it by strangling Ruby Soho and she can do it again now. Jay grabs a man backstage to strangle him.

– The Acclaimed arrives attacking Billy Gunn during his entrance. Caster launches the theme song and rap that it’s garbage day and they’re going to send the Ass-Boys to retire like Vince McMahon.

Tag Team Dumpster Match

Austin and Colten Gunn accompanied by Billy Gunn vs. The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens)

At the end of the fight, Austin climbs onto the stage structure, but Caster comes from the other side and pushes him into the container at the bottom of the stage. Bowens lays Colten down on a table and Caster Elbow Drops off the structure. The Acclaimed also toss Colten into the dumpster and they close the lid to win.

Winners: The Acclaimed

– After the fight, The Acclaimed ties up the lids of the trash can and pushes it down the stage!

– It is announced that Mance Warner will face Moxley this Friday at Rampage, Madison Rayne will have his first match, Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland will face Nese and Josh Woods in a Street Fight for the tag team titles.

– We present a video on Castagnoli and Takeshita who will face each other in Battle of the Belts 3 this Saturday.

– Back, the wrestlers arrive, William Regal takes his place with the commentators. The match was about to start, but Claudio Castagnoli arrives and signals to JAS to stay away.

Singles Match

If Yuta wins, he will have Jericho’s AEW World Title match.

Wheeler Yuta accompanied by Claudio Castagnoli vs Chris Jericho accompanied by Matt Menard and Angelo Parker

During the fight, Parker grabs Yuta’s leg and the referee sees the gesture. The referee expels Parker and Menard backstage.

At the end of the fight, Yuta launches from the corner, but Jericho blocks him with a Code Breaker and covers him, but he resists two. Jericho picks Yuta up, but Yuta pushes him back down for a Regal Stretch. Jericho crawls to grab his stick, but the ref takes it away, Jericho takes the opportunity to Low Blow Yuta. Jericho goes into Judas Effect, but Yuta dodges and quickly covers it, but Jericho resists. Jericho continues for his Walls of Jericho and Yuta taps.

Winner: Chris Jericho via submission

– After the fight, Jericho pursues the submission on Yuta. Jon Moxley’s music starts and he comes to the ring, Jericho flees on stage. Jericho takes the mic and says Moxley is bringing the demon out. Next week Moxley wants the last survivor of the Hart Dungeon, he wants the Lionheart, Moxley will get it! But he will stretch it to break it and become the new AEW Champion! The show ends like this.

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