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A world premiere in “France has incredible talent”

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On the strength of its 3.6 million viewers on average last year (with the Belgians from NSJ Crew in the final), the show is back for a 17th season on M6 (“with a Belgian magician but who has not passed”, according to Eric Antoine), before arriving soon on Plug RTL. But for this post-Covid version, France has an unbelievable talent relies on novelty on several levels. If the host (Karine Le Marchand, present for 3 seasons) and the jurors (Hélène Segara, Marianne James, Eric Antoine and Sugar Sammy present for 5 seasons) do not change – “they are extremely fluid” according to the presenter -, the mechanics of the game, yes. Starting with this world novelty in Amazing talent : the participation of the public vote from the hearings. Before, it took three “yes” from the jurors to move on to the next stage. “When it was two ‘yes’ and two ‘no’, the verdict was often folded for the candidates”concedes the production of M6. “As this season rhymes with the end of the Covid, we find between 600 and 700 spectators, without masks, in our theater. And during the numbers – not after so that they are not influenced by the jury – we then asked a panel of 100 people from the public to vote via an applicationnot. What, sometimes, change the outcome of some participants. And in view of the extracts, like this “toad on steroids”this change amplifies emotions and atypical paths.

Another novelty, these performances sometimes performed… outdoors. “Our jury spent a day next to the theater for even more daring numbers” ensures the production of M6 in press conference. Finally, the rehearsal room also changes. A place that becomes a real playroom for Karine Le Marchand, host of the program. “I broke downconcludes the one who was particularly touched by the humility of a person. “He’s been singing in his shower in secret for over 40 years of his life…because he didn’t feel empowered to express it and have talent. That’s what’s great about this show, it’s that it arouses vocations and he, in this case, he registered and his friends then registered him. A chrysalis that becomes a butterfly, an extremely shy person who tears himself away to come to the scene of Incredible Talent by taking the risk of getting screwed… me, it upsets me every time! Because passion is stronger than anything.”