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A Tesla kills 2 people, the controversy swells over autonomous electric cars

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News hardware A Tesla kills 2 people, the controversy swells over autonomous electric cars

A Tesla Model Y has gone crazy in the Chinese province of Guandong. Becoming “Tesla killer”, the crazy electric car caused a horrific accident. Two people lost their lives, 3 others were injured.

Tesla killer: return to the tragic drama that took place in China

Autonomous electric cars have always generated a lot of debate. Letting an AI behind the wheel take over from humans is a sure thing for some people, but terrifying for others. Dramas like the one that interests us today fuel the debate. Let’s get back to the facts.

On the morning of November 5, 2022, at 6:42 a.m., a Tesla Model Y tries to park in an area lined with housing in Guandong Province, China. For no apparent reason, the Tesla starts to accelerate dangerously on small roads: the electric car picks up speed as if the driver had remained on the floor for approximately 1 minute. We believe that the vehicle may have flirted with 200 km/h.

Seeming out of control, the white Tesla begins by dodging other road users as best they can. Panickedthe driver honks and tries to warn as many people as possible of the danger his vehicle represents. After a laborious slalom, the car ends, logically, by hit violently several people. At the end of its run, the Model Y crashes into a store window. Balance sheet : 2 dead and 3 injured.

China is a country where video surveillance is ubiquitous. The crazy race was therefore filmed… and the video is still online on YouTube. The following video may not have been judged to be against Google’s platform rules, but it does contain its share of shocking images. We advise you to be of legal age and well aware of what you are doing if you decide to click the play button below.

Attention ! Do not watch the following video if you are of a sensitive nature.

The controversy swells over electric cars: social media theories on this Tesla accident

This isn’t the first time self-driving electric cars have claimed lives. In June 2022, US federal regulators counted 6 deaths and 5 serious injuries due to the Tesla Autopilot. Well aware of the dangers of such a technology when it is not perfectly mature, European legislators are slowing down the development of autonomous vehicles here, the results are therefore less macabre on the old continent.

Faced with the scale of this tragedy, Tesla representatives were forced to speak on behalf of their company. Here is what was said:

The police are currently seeking an independent agency to uncover the truth behind this accident and we will actively provide all necessary assistance.

Tesla also wanted to remind you that it is impossible to observe an involuntary acceleration in his vehicles. According to the data recorded by the car, the accelerator would have been pressed for a long time while the brake pedal would not even have been touched. Could this be some kind of suicide bombing? The zigzags and honking of the driver seem to indicate that he did not want to see this tragedy happen. This information seems contradictory… to be continued.

In short, the causes of the accident are still unclear. Internet users are panicking and the great debates on the dangerousness of autonomous vehicles are relaunching. These fears are legitimate and understandable, but often tinged with ignorance on the issue of electric cars. For the moment, the scientific consensus is rather on the side of AI, which seems much more reliable than human beings. (even if it’s creepy).