You are currently viewing “A team of broken arms”, “disastrous”: the last team of “Fort Boyard” did not shine, Internet users are revolted

“A team of broken arms”, “disastrous”: the last team of “Fort Boyard” did not shine, Internet users are revolted

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This Saturday, July 20, viewers had an appointment with “Fort Boyard” on France 2. A program that you may have followed on Tipik, Friday.

The evening team was made up of the hypnotist Messmer, Caroline Margeridon from “Case concluded”, Miss France Vaimalama Chaves, Moussa Niang from “Koh-Lanta”, Philippe Caverivière and Edgar-Yves, both comedians.

With four keys out of seven in the first salvo of trials and a clue in the second salvo, the team failed to stand out. Olivier Minne has also pointed out several times during the show: “I don’t have the impression that there is enough niaque”, he said in particular, as reported by TV Mag.

Father Fouras also went there with his comment, facing Caroline Margeridon: “There is a truly remarkable particularity in your team, it is that you are constant in failure. »

When finding the famous code word that allows the boyars to fall, misunderstandings were encountered, especially with the balls to be placed on the ground. With 30 seconds remaining to collect the precious gold coins, the team collected 7,546 euros, the worst sum won during this season.

On social networks, Internet users have not failed to point out the level of the team, especially in the comments of a Facebook publication. “Very disappointed with this team who thought they were coming on vacation”, “It was not a team that, sorry”, “Disastrous team”, “The worst team of all time”, or even “What a team of arms broken. Never seen that. There are some, if it is to refuse all the tests, that they stay at home. You play for associations, not to show off. »

Not sure that our one-night stands will try the experience again next year!