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A smartphone capable of sending SMS without a network connection – Geeko

Huawei will market the first smartphone capable of sending SMS without a network connection. For the first time, it will be possible to use a satellite connection to send SMS in an emergency.

This is a feature that could well save lives. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has just announced the marketing of its new Mate 50 smartphones in China. They will be the first smartphones that can use a satellite network to send text messages and use a navigation app when there is no network coverage.

The feature in question will use China’s BeiDou satellite network. According to the manufacturer, the uses will be multiple. This function will make it possible to stay in contact with loved ones in remote areas, to contact emergency services in the event of an incident and to navigate in territories where GPS services are not available.

Huawei will offer this technology on two smartphones: the Mate 50 and 50 Pro. Two new devices that will only be marketed in China for the moment. The brand is still struggling to materialize its return to the West. She is also still the target of sanctions. Proof of this is that its new “flagship” will not give access to a 5G network. The manufacturer’s customers will have to make do with 4G.

The Mate 50 and 50 Pro are nonetheless very nice products, which incorporate nice innovations, including a 200x digital zoom and a back camera that displays a record aperture of f/1.4.

For the Chinese manufacturer, it was probably a question of getting ahead of Apple, which should also integrate this technology into its new terminals.

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